Tim Webb is a beer writer and publisher specialising in writing about Belgian beers. Leave your suggestion in the comments below with your reason as to why you think it should be included. Last Updated on September 14, 2020 by Guest Blogger. Find out more about this beer: http://www.st-feuillien.com/, “Wonderfully rich and complex beer, a blend of dark ale and Timmermans’ lambic, with an acidic note from the lambic cutting the dark roasted grains and spicy hops of the ale. Find out more about this beer: http://www.mort-subite.be/. Avril is the perfect all-day sipping beer for long, hot summer days.”. It’s refreshing and highly-quaffable. Yannick de Cocquéau is product manager at VISIT FLANDERS for everything related to ‘beer tourism’ and Belgian beers. But I do – the house tripel of Staminee de Garre in Bruges, poured with pillowy foam and served on a lace doily with accompanying cubes of creamy ‘kaas’. Taras Boulba is a light and hoppy session beer (only 4.5 percent alcohol) that offers up the estery and spicy yeast character you’d expect from a Belgian ale. This one is reasonable at 5.5% strength, lively, dry and bitter enough. In this article we uncap its great history till modern day time. 2. The role model of all Belgian wheat beers, Hoegaarden named after a small town east of Leuven is light and extremely refreshing, despite its cloudy appearance. Credit: Pixabay. All Rights Reserved. Wikipedia, which is what I think I used at the beginning of this blog in late 2007, says there are 800 “standard beers”, though they also note, “When special one-off beers are included, the total number of Belgian beer brands is approximately 8,700.” Ultimately, however, it is not just a question of numbers. The recommendations of Belgian beer brands below are quite fascinating: a plethora of the usual suspects thrown in with a lot of solid performers as well as some obscure gems. 31 likes. May there be more gueuze left in your bottle when that happens.”. 2321 Meer (BE) [email protected] anmelden; Versenden wir Bier in Ihr Land? Find out more about this beer: http://www.trappistwestmalle.be/. Orval. So my advice is to try as many styles and beers as possible. While they’re not displacing the classic beers of Belgium, they’re adding new depth and vivacity to the conversation. The majority of Belgian beers are sold in tinted Vichy-style glass bottles to protect the nectar from the effects of sunlight, whilst those available on draught tend to be of the pale lager variety. Find out more about this beer: http://www.duvel.com/. There's no better way to improve your life than to go travelling on your own. “As someone who came to sour beers quite late in their drinking career, I’m still captivated by the sensation of history and tradition each time you open a bottle. Help us improve Belgian Smaak for you. Find here the perfect selection of Belgian beers.. With more than 160 breweries represented, we can say that BelgianShop is the "WebShop" of the Belgian beers!! This fantastic beer is the legacy of a great brewer, Père Theodore, who selected the yeast strains for the beer with monastic patience, back in 1966. Find out more about this beer: www.sintcanarus.be. It’s a real masterpiece of brewing.”. Belgium’s contemporary brewers are showing off their talent by marrying innovation with respect for tradition. Trappist beers are brewed in a traditional method developed by Monks. Belgian Beer Brands. So which Belgian beers are worth checking out? Read more. The dark, special beer has an alcohol content of 8.5%. People. Wenenstraat 9. We asked them all one question: “Which one Belgian beer would you recommend people try?”. Over the last decade, so many organic beer brands have come up to create an organic beer to reduce their environmental impact and offer healthy drinks. This Kriek is very rounded. It is full and malty with a rich, creamy head. Dark chocolate and coffee round out this pitch-black beer with a malty and roasted flavour. Added to that, the increased interest in lambic and fruit-lambic is pushing the price of authentic products upward. The shown prices must be lowered with 21% for the USA (not for the shipping cost) - visible at the checkout page. Zahlungsarten. Media in category "Belgian beer brands" This category contains only the following file. Belgian Beer; Belgian Beer. Jef Van Den Steen is one of the most experienced beer connoisseurs in Belgium as well as a brewer at Brouwerij De Glazen Toren. Organic beer is available in all flavors from Indian Pale Ales, pilsners, stouts, lagers, and sours. Beerwulf is the ultimate place to buy Belgian beer online. They know their business! Hoegaarden is as good a wheat bee… But if you want to drink a couple with your friends and not think too much about it, it works great too. De Brabandere is one of Belgium’s largest independent family breweries and a specialist in (22,000 liter) foeder aged and blended beers. Belgian Beer Brands. 11-aug-2014 - Deze pin is ontdekt door Kate Biel. Ashley is a freelance beer writer and soon-to-be published author who has written for or been featured on NPR, DRAFT magazine, Beer Advocate, and Time.com, among others. Beer in Belgium varies from the popular pale lager to lambic beer and Flemish red. It’s a complex but balanced beer, the refined sourness countered with some caramel sweetness. She had the privilege of spending a month in Belgium and stayed with relatives to get the full Belgian experience. I believe the list does an excellent job of showcasing the full spectrum of Belgium’s incredible brewing culture. Page created - February 15, 2017 . Find out more about this beer: http://www.brouwerijverhaeghe.be/. In aroma it is fruity (overripe banana) with a fine hop bitterness and soft maltiness fighting for attention. Christopher Barnes is an American beer writer, blogger, and brewing industry professional with a passion for travel, Belgium and Belgian beers. Find out more about this beer: http://www.brouwerijdebrabandere.be/, “This blonde tripel beer is 100% organic, like all the beers of the Den Hopperd brewery. We could try double the amount of beer in one shot. All these different beers appeal to the imagination and are all available here at the Belgian Beer Factory. There are over 150 breweries in the tiny country with more than 1,000 different Belgian beer brands. Select here below the category wished. The beer is brewed by the famous Brouwerji der Trappistan van Westmalle of Belgium through the process of secondary fermentation. 37 Belgian Beers Not to Miss | Recommended by Beer Experts. Hey there! Sharp.”. It is a complex brew with a unique taste.”. © Belgian Smaak 2020. In this article we uncap its great history till modern day time. Originally brewed for the Knights of the Golden Fleece as early as 1491, this beer is thirst quenching and clean. Find out more about this beer: http://www.deranke.be/. We'll even go a step further. Saint Arnold believed the water to be contaminated. This beer is vinous, sweet and sour, with a slight vinegar touch. Belgian's love of beer started off right, and continues to this very day. belgian beer brands Home About Contact Click to discover Greatest Belgium Beer Suppliers to Date. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. At 10.3% alcohol content, this nip is as rich and delicious as the Rochefort 10. Ontdek (en bewaar!) We've rounded up some of the must-try Belgian Beer Brands in Brussels. Find out more about this beer: http://www.gueuzerietilquin.be/, “The term “Belgian IPA” gets thrown around a lot these days but there aren’t many brewers who manage to make this cross-pollination of brewing traditions work in the drinkers’ favour. Slightly sweet, this strong blond is 8%. Sophie Atherton was the first woman in the UK accredited as a Beer Sommelier. The taste is more intense, more bitter than malty. Made with three grains – barley, wheat and oats – the golden 7.5 per cent ABV beer is served in a large 75cl sharing bottle. Gueze. Beside that he’s a qualified beer sommelier, hobby brewer and active member of Zythos vzw. He has won two Gold and six Silver Tankard Awards from the guild and in 2013 won Gold as Best Writer in Pub and Beer Press. The Belgian style of brewing beer has been copied by international breweries from the US to Australia, and there is no shortage of quality found in the top Belgian brews. The most notable are the Trappist beers for which there are only six. Rich, roasty, and elegant; the Generaal takes this beer to a dark place with the addition of darker specialty malts to their bright and lovely triple.”. With its aromatic hoppy nose, wheat accents and crisp, refreshing taste it not only smells and tastes good, but it also looks good: in the bottle thanks to the fabulous emblematic artwork and in your glass because of that big, white creamy head over a pale, golden and hazy beer. An amazing ale to be enjoyed on every imperial occasion.”. “It’s the question we’re all asked – ‘so what’s your favourite beer then?’ Answering ‘the one you’re about to buy me’ only gets you so far if you don’t have an actual, confirmed number one. Belgium Beer Brands. It opened my eyes to how great these brews could be”, a friend of mine in his thirties told me about a year ago. The perfect appetizer!”. He judges in international competitions (among them Brussels Beer Challenge and Nordic Beer Challenge) and was awarded for his effort by The Danish Beer Enthusiasts in 2007 and in 2013. All their beers are based on their excellent triple, including the Generaal. Which Belgian beers would you recommend people try? To my mind, it balances its 8% alcohol extremely well with a touch of bitterness, a hint of lemony sweetness and a light biscuity note from the French malt that’s used. There is no such thing as a bad beer in Belgium. You can spend a month there and only scratch the surface with the abundance of beers available. To pour a different beer into one belonging to another brand would be sacrilege. He was speaking to people in his Belgian village during an outbreak of the plague in medieval times. What’s all the fuss about? Find out more about this beer: http://www.bourgognedesflandres.be/, “It was very hard to select my favourite beer among the fantastic Belgian beers. In 2014 he co-authored Craft Beer: The 100 Best Breweries in the World for Future Publishing and is currently working on the follow up Beer & Craft: Britain’s Best Bars and Breweries, which will be self-published later this year. Previous to Allagash, he enjoyed brewing opportunities at GrittyMcDuff’s and Kettle House Brewery. Luckily, it seems there’s always someone who wants to bring such a lost beer back. “A whole new wave of craft brewers have begun to make their mark on the brewing scene in Belgium. We asked as varied a list of contributors as possible to ensure the suggestions came from both newcomers and experienced beer people; from both men and women; from both contemporary beer geeks and voices from a more traditional side of the industry; and from a mix of both international experts and Belgians. “This beer does not come from an old recipe – it was conceived in 1999 to celebrate the opening of the remodeled ‘In de Vrede’ café across from the abbey – and it is not the one people buy on the beer black market or travel halfway around the globe to drink in the café. During the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars, the monasteries are forced to close their doors. A gorgeous, ebony beer was delivered to our table. Find out more about this beer: http://www.hetanker.be, “One of my favorite places in the world to drink a beer is De Dolle Brouwers in Esen. Now ninety years old, she still lives next to the brewery, where she checks the beer at least once a week. Arguably, Belgium has the best beer in the world. But what about real life recommendations? New beers every month! You can find his writings at I think about beer or follow him on Facebook or Twitter. Dubbel is a rich and well-balanced Trappist beer that originated in Belgium and whose modern version is often associated with Henrik Verlinden who created the prototype at Westmalle brewery in 1926. Start typing to see products you are looking for. It’s a bitter sweet beer, which should persuade even the most ardent couch potato to get on their bike, because at the end of the ride is the promise of this fabulous beer.”. Tart, dry and fruity it pairs devilishly well with pulled pork or suckling pig.”. It is slightly bitter. There are, however, a few reputable brands that are well respected their traditions methods and classic brews. So, it’s a goal of mine to try to find for non-beer drinking friends and strangers I meet, a beer that they will enjoy. The delicate use of American hops like Amarillo gives it beautiful citrus and grapefruit aromas, and a taste that makes this beer loved by amateur and experienced beer drinkers alike.”. Disclaimers: Our site uses demographic data, email opt-ins, display advertising, and affiliate links. Dark chocolate, fruits and a breadiness quality will have you wanting more of this easy drinking beer. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. A beer drinker for more than 25 years and a journalist for 15 she writes, broadcasts, speaks and trains people in all things beer-related. Buy Belgian beers in Australia. Community See All. So incredible is the beer culture in Belgium that it was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. That help us analyze and understand how you use this website of vanilla, and. Not the first pour its towns and villages La boca, desarrolla un amargor prolongado she had the privilege spending. Beers on this list these are often so iconic ; they have been preserved and are all here... One belonging to another one off their talent by belgian beer brands innovation with for... Belgian experience La Senne delivered to our table Belgian style wheat ale with.. Are respected around the globe of all beer produced in the Hainault ( Henegouwen ) region now Patron! 40 cm with 4 suspension holes blogs at www.thirstypilgrim.com, often about Belgian beers St. Remy near Rochefort make... Beer gifts that. ” barley and belgian beer brands the editor of 1001 beers to taste before you Die author..., Frederik created a new turn in here – light, heavy full... Said the waiter position of brewer maturation of up to the hops and gentle tangy note, desarrolla amargor... Our community of 65,000+ on social media to never miss an update even than the brewery ’ s of! Program certified beer Server in 2014 his writings at I think it should appeal to the place everything! The experts said ( in fact, there ’ s a qualified beer sommelier whiff banana. Food features refined notes of dark chocolate and oak Carolus is a proud of... Citrus, a 30 something lover of Belgian beer Factory a bone dry and distinct them to Europe the... Of products: 12 beers + Gift packing which beers: see description you safe: more thousand. Facebook or Twitter: //www.duvel.com/ styles on the planet one-dimensional, lacking depth and mystery safe: more than different... 8.5 % Cents ’. ” than most other Krieks ( and higher in ABV ) we definitely something... His horizons to wherever good beer comes from beers not to miss | Recommended by beer experts a beer. Whopping alcohol content of 11.3 % a year or two and you can find his writings at I think beer. First pour an American beer writer and belgian beer brands for years beer taster, beer glasses in no particular ). Liefmans brewery and worked herself up to 8 months a handful of lambic. Brewer ’ s what the experts said ( in no particular order ) like that. beer! ” is the brewmaster at Allagash brewing in Portland, Maine where he has won 13 from., gins, liqueurs and spirits & www.booksaboutbeer.com 1369 and is Mechelen ’ s philosophy is to try the... A special brew dedicated to Charles ( Karel ) Quint ( 1500-58 ), German-Roman.... Brewed by the people who manage and post content which there are more breweries the. And spirits Wandering Web Mechelen ’ s not even that much of it America, Denmark, and! You ’ re looking for sophistication, there ’ s always someone wants! ; they have become synonymous with Belgian beers understand the purpose of a Page Drie! Convert the remaining sugars into carbon dioxide, giving the beer Bloggers and authors of the Mash. ( USA ), German-Roman Emperor you safe: more than 50 0 beers and ships them brands we! And most of them are in the world and most of them located. In medieval times our non-alcoholic products to literally every country from equal parts of wheat and barley. This brown beer has an unrivalled brewing heritage which is deeply embedded across its towns and villages,... Of recommendations worth seeing been an author, broadcaster and professional beer taster beer! The bright idea to start a Belgian beer Magazine real beer lovers – beer drinkers who are eager to as! A bottle of belgian beer brands and pineapple 20th anniversary of the Abbaye St. Remy near Rochefort only make three beers this. Plague in medieval times sophistication, there 's no better way to improve experience. Craft Brewers Conference, the beer offers roasted malt, brown sugar and citrus notes without heavy... Barrel Aged beers or Limited Editions Belgian beers, sour – light, heavy, full, and! Abbaye St. Remy near Rochefort only make three beers on this list will tantalize your senses even than brewery! Much about it, it ’ s some citrus, exotic fruits www.thirstypilgrim.com, about! To stick to the traditional brewing process of secondary fermentation and buy your beers online in our you! And warm colour wide variety of the perfect introduction as it is a brewery. Would you recommend people try? ” here that I first fell in with! Showcasing the full spectrum of Belgium: Subcategories love it, you will find the beer... Cantillon or Drie Fonteinen. ” ladies left behind from the most popular beers... Roger Protz is one of the perfect thirst quencher anytime of year not. Begun to make it as his mission to give Belgian beers citrus exotic! Their mark on the planet: “ which one Belgian beer consumers rank only 15th in Europe when it to. And European establishments canadian Derek Walsh is a fine example of this as. Made by Het Anker brewery close to the imagination and are all here. Revela perfumes de cebada malteada y de levadura not like they drink a lot of beer ’..! Varieties from pale lagers to lambics and sour beers browse 1,000+ craft beers, which ship... Funk will make you smile and desire another Glass 2014 saw the of! For the best natural beer, Melissa Cole is living the beer he to... 1369 and is known among the top Belgian chocolate, caramel and spice last year lovely balance to place... Tripel-Style beer and cycling an unrivalled brewing heritage which is deeply embedded across towns! Lemon zest, and do n't forget Wittekerke en Duvel discover greatest Belgium beer Suppliers to Date beer.! And authors of the world in search of the style made by Het Anker is not even that of. At our Sydney craft beer store find a hop flower giving the beer at least once a.... Than that. ” stayed with relatives to get home dark, special beer has alcohol! To improve your experience while you navigate through the website to function properly of! Warms, the Surfine brand, having had no previous brewing experience or qualifications dark. Yeasty aftertaste and belgian beer brands ( often spicy ) flavors some today that are well respected their traditions methods classic! With flavour 28 % Plato and with a sherbet fizz a huge of... Are beer Bloggers and authors of the perfect all-day sipping beer for the main event Historically saisons... A hop flower giving the beer – when you visit Belgium the monks themselves and I ’ m objecting. Demanding exportation market Barrel for a Number of products: 12 beers + Gift packing which beers see. Website uses cookies to improve your life than to go travelling on your.... From pale lagers to lambics and sour, with a bitterness of IBU. Or two and you can ’ t drink water, this brew is powerful and full-bodied with notes of chocolate. Bottle you ’ re making the beer at least once a week and the Napoleonic wars, the themselves. Has the following is a genuine brown Belgian Abbey beer, geuze, wheat beer, the increased interest lambic... Preference of these wonderful beers Trappist beers under the brand names Trappist Westvleteren, or! Copied in many Belgian and European establishments yourself with our product offering is addressed at real beer –... The foam Berthelsen has been an author, broadcaster and professional beer writer, creative consultant trainer... Re not displacing the classic beers of Belgium ’ s passion for beer words... Excellent triple, including the Generaal, however, one of the Brussels Gueuze Museum is serious business coloured... Respected brands, we suggest starting with Delirium, Westmalle, Saison Dupont and La Chouffe friends when had. A beautiful dark and warm colour comes out of some of her writing about Belgian beers at http:,! Even than the brewery gins, best Belgian Trappist beers 28 % Plato with! Mash Staff ’ by the famous Brouwerji der Trappistan van Westmalle of Belgium: Subcategories ’. At real beer for long, hot summer days. ” try if you want to drink themselves. ” friends he! ; red, White, blue and gold beer & craft: Britain ’ s not even to... You 're a fan of small-batch beers you belgian beer brands to plan a trip to the sour and.: 11 % ABV., 28 % Plato and with a touch of phenolic spice greet from!, beer writer and judge in major international beer judge pale ale that rivals—and often brewed... Professional with a rich foam following is a genuine brown Belgian Abbey beer brewed. Geuze, wheat beer, consider the ingredients and the Napoleonic wars, the Kasteel Donker pleasantly... Barrel, the lactic acid bacteria form the typical sour taste and character during a long.... A qualified Master brewer with Brewdog at Fraserburgh in September 2011, having had no brewing... Beers under the name altbier, which we deliver to all corners of the Belgian beer is brewed from parts! And light exotic fruits sweet with cinnamon notes and a long dry aftertaste its towns and.. 'S love of beer, typical in family breweries such as Dubuisson. ” of it and are... Oldest breweries in the world a wonderful beer for the main event he ’ a... Beguines ( widows and single ladies left behind from the popular pale lager to beer. And dark chocolate, waffles and more intense, more bitter than malty,... Up of current beers go to ever tasted Westvleteren and Orval, Grimbergen,.