Inspire Allstars Cheer and Dance …the vision

The vision and passion to create Inspire Allstars was the aspiration of local resident Joey Gamper Cuthbert. Joey has over 10 years of experience as an athlete
and coach and has seen first-hand how cheerleading can truly change lives. As an athlete at the London Cheerleading Academy, she trained alongside
members of the world class Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders; a programme that began life as a church outreach project working with young people in the
‘hard to reach’ borough of Newham. She saw her peers aspirations raised through their national and international success, with many going on to be the
first in their families to attend university or achieve success growing their own businesses.

As a coach (alongside the success of her elite over-18’s co-ed squad The London City Stars), she worked with young girls at an inner-city
secondary school in North London. The school credited the cheerleading club with improving the attendance and attainment
of the girls involved and won a local award, presented to the girls as part of the opening celebrations of the new Emirates Stadium.

As a Christian Joey has a real heart for young people to see themselves the way God sees them: as incredible, loved individuals,
created to achieve greatness. As a coach, [and inspired by her experience with the Ascension Eagles], the way she feels gifted
and equipped to do this is through the sport of cheerleading. This is why at Inspire Allstars the unofficial motto is
“The child comes first and the sport comes second” Joey wants to use the sport of cheerleading as a tool: to empower young people,
to raise their self-esteem and to help them realise their potential as unique, loved individuals.

The dream is to eventually build a programme that includes competitive squads (including a Special Needs team), community
recreational classes, schools coaching, mentoring and the provision to subsidise fees in order to help provide access to the activities
regardless of income. As part of the realisation of this vision, in April 2014 Inspire Allstars registered with Companies House
to become a Community Investment Company: This change in status means Inspire Allstars is now eligible
to apply for funding to cover things like scholarships and fee subsidies.